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Tel:(212)570 6318
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Local Offices:360 N Bedford Road, Mt Kisco, NY
Tel: (914) 514-8029

Cadogan Clinic with Operating Facilities

120 Sloane Street

London SW1X 9BW, UK

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Pre: This 62 year old wanted facial rejuvenation of the neck, face, eyes and nose. A non operated look was desired.
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Post: A superior smas of the face, medial and lateral smas of the neck and standard bleph with transconjunctival approach was used. Recovery of 10 days.
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Pre: A 57 year old wanting lower face and upper neck.
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Post: 5 days smas with zygoma and exterior neck lift
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Pre: A 52 year old for midface with improvement of weak chin
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Post: Midface lift with neck extension and fat grafts to chin.
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Pre: a 50 year old from new zealand had heavy sun exposure and perimenopausal changes.She deisred a result of her appearance 10 years earlier. After studying previous photographs,and current images,
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Post: Upper and lower blepharoplasty, superior smas lift, and multivector necklift were performed. 6 week post op.
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FACELIFT/NECKLIFT with Dr. Cap Lesesne

Starting in the late twenties, the effects of time, gravity, genetics and environment begin to show. These will progress unless corrected.
Creases develop from the nose and to the jowls. Transverse lines and fat deposits form in the neck. We have modified the facelift surgery to make it safer, with shorter scars, and with a rapid recovery. Our team, consisting of a plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist, and an esthetician, has developed a unique approach to facial rejuvenation. We have performed more than 6,000 facelifts in over fifteen years with excellent results. International magazines and journals have commented on our success. Our clients come from all over the world.

Our facelift surgery approach consists of four precise steps: analysis, plan, procedure, and aftercare.


The analysis phase before a facelift is designed to collect accurate data about your desires, your concerns, as well as the anatomic changes of your face. Your past medical history, previous procedures, and current medications will also be reviewed.

A critical component of the analysis is the physical examination of your face. Unlike many other surgeons, we look at your face in total. We are interested in all planes of the face including bone, muscle, fascia (fibrous), lipous (fatty), and skin. We note the differences in aging from area to area. For example: cheeks versus eyelids versus neck. We carefully look at wrinkle length, depth, and visibility.

Measurements may also be recorded to check for asymmetry of the skin, muscle, or bone.  Photographs before facelift surgery are a crucial part of the examination process. We are seriously interested in how your face ages, and we realize that we are seeing you at only one point in time. Therefore, we prefer to analyze previous photographs as well as current photographs. The more analytical information we have, the better.


After the analysis, we will consult with you to develop a suitable treatment plan. This plan will review your goals, treatment options, potential side effects, timing of the procedure, recuperation, and location of treatment.

In reviewing your goals, we will focus on specific requests and anatomic changes desired; for example, what look you would like to achieve? What look you want to avoid? We want to fully understand your wishes and come to a mutually agreed upon plan. We want you to be pleased with the results of your facelift surgery.

We have the expertise and technology to completely change one's appearance. The many treatment options must be carefully reviewed. Some examples are listed below.

Zone for examination and treatment:
Forehead / Ears / Nose / Face / Eyebrows / Eyelids
Lips / Neck

Treatment options include:

> Cheek implants
> Chin implants
> Reductions
> Onlay bone autograft
> Nasalplasty

> Lifts
> Erbium laser resurfacing
> Micropeels
> Diamond dermabrasion
> Chemical peels
> Collagen
> Autografts
> Augmentation (lips)
> Biopsy
> Reconstruction
> Dermologen
> Total contouring
> Injection
> Liposuction
> Fat lifts, i.e. cheeks
> Fat or Dermal Autografts

> Asymmetry correction Lifts
> Botox
> Neckband correction

> Nasalplasty
> Ear deformity correction

Our plan will also cover the recuperation period.

This is obviously dependent upon what procedures are done, your age, and your healing characteristics. We have examined each step of the recovery process with surgical precision to remove as many variables as possible that might delay your recovery. We believe that successful results include a rapid recuperation with a quick return to normal activities. For instance, many of our facelift and nasal surgery clients have returned to social activities within days of a procedure.

Our clinic is located at 620 Park Avenue at 65th Street New York City. Our surgical suite complies with all New York State and Federal regulations including N.F.P.A. and OSHA. Frequently, our patients have procedures in our clinic and then go to a near by hotel, or go home accompanied by one of our trained registered nurses.

For patients who require a hospital setting, we admit our patients to Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, which is three blocks from our office.


After the treatment plan, timing, and logistics have been agreed upon, the treatment phase begins. Skin treatments and liposuction are done quickly and simply in our minor treatment areas. Procedures requiring more anesthesia are performed in our completely equipped operating suite. A fully monitored recovery room, staffed by our registered nurses, is immediately adjacent.

Minor skin treatments are administered by specially trained and experienced aestheticians or plastic surgery nurses. Dr. Cap Lesesne personally performs all other procedures.


We believe that the smallest amount of anesthesia that provides a comfortable, non-anxiety and pain­free experience, is the best. All of our patients, even after more extensive procedures, are able to walk and have control of their reflexes. We almost exclusively use intravenous sedation. Gas or general anesthesia is almost never required. We have developed this technique over the past 12 years with great success.

Indeed, we began this type of anesthesia before many hospital-based programs. Intravenous sedation is administered solely by our three board-certified anesthesiologists, who have a minimum of 15 years of office-based anesthesia experience. We are proud never to have had an intraoperative complication.


We have the capability of turning back the clock, but not stopping it. Following the facelift surgery and  recovery, our staff will provide a customized pro­gram for maintaining your results. Since technology is constantly changing, we recommend follow-up appointments every two years.


Facelift Surgery (Rhytidectomy)
Forehead (Ostectomy)
Eyelid Lift Surgery / Blepharoplasty
Ears (Otoplasty)
Nose (Rhinoplasty)
Lip Procedures
Neck Sculpting
Chin (Mentoplasty)
Arms (Brachioplasty)
Breast Lift (Mastopexy)
Breast Augmentation
Breast Reduction
Breast (Other)
Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck
Reconstructive Body
Reconstructive Face

Male Facelift and Necklift
Male Eyelid Lift Surgery Or Blepharoplasty
Male Nasal Surgery
Male Gynecomastia
Leg Sculpture

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