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Pre: 6 year old with prominent ears. Treatment- multivector, posterior only approach.
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Post: Incisions are essentially non visible being in the fold where the ear meets the head. Recovery 5 days
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Pre: 7 year old with prominent ears and mild cupping. Treatment- reduced with multivector reduction, antihelical fold sculpting.
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Post: Incisions hidden where ear meets the head. Recovery-6 days


Ear surgery, or otoplasty, is usually done to set the ears closer to the head, to reduce the size of large ears, and to restore normal anatomy. Good candidates range from five years of age through adulthood. The psychological advantages may be significant.
We have developed a technique for reducing prominent ears called "Multivectored Posterior Only Correction." This technique incorporates the work of previous plastic surgeons, and with our developments, creates a more natural appearing ear with minimal risk. We have presented this technique at national meetings and have submitted our work for publication.


Dr. Lesesne will take a history, perform an examina­tion, and then outline the correction. Our technique approaches the ear from the back crease, leaving a hidden scar. Sculpting and posterior setting are done from behind. The result is a natural ear.


After the analysis, a surgery date will be set. No pre­operative studies are required.


Procedures are usually performed in our office operating suite, under local anesthesia with preop­erative medication. It is a very safe and comfortable method, even for children.

The surgery for both ears takes approximately 11/2 hours. The technique usually involves suturing the ear back, sculpting the cartilage with sutures, and then closing the incision with dissolvable sutures. The incision is placed where the ear meets the head and is therefore barely visible. A drain is removed the next day at home. Sutures are removed in ten to twelve days.

Aftercare -
Recovery is fast. Allow one to two days to wear a headband and for any bruising to subside. You can shower the day after surgery. There should be no pulling on the ear for two months, but normal activities can be resumed in two days.

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