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Post Hand Surgery



  The hands can display marked signs of aging which can make a youthful appearing face and body seem incongruous.
   The aged hand consists of excessive veins, poor skin turgor, wrinkle and hyperpigmentation.
   These are noted as are the tendons which must be unaltered. The veins on the dorsum or top of the hand are not critical for circulation. The pigmented spots are also noted for their estimated depth.


The correction consists of treating the anatomic condition. Poor turgor is corrected by injecting fat, the  hyperpigmented lesions are removed by dermabrasion, laser or chemical peels. The veins can be sclerosed or removed with very tiny incisions. The procedure takes 1 hour. It is done under local anesthetic.


The recovery is 10-12 days although most bruising fades earlier. Pain is very minimal. Re-injection of fat and anti-pigmentation may be neccessary.

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