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Pre breast reduction
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Post: 1 year post central pedicle short scar breast reduction.
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Pre breast reduction
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Post: 10 year post breast reduction. Breast fed 2 children.
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Pre breast reduction.
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Post: 1 month post superior medial breast reduction.
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Pre breast reduction.
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Post: 3 year post inferior breast reduction.

You owe it to yourself to investigate the options of breast  reduction surgery. We frequently have patients consult online then come for surgery- frequently people fly to New York on Thursday, have surgery on Friday, enjoy the city for 2 more days, then return home.


For an online consultation, please email, attention Diane Miller. Please advise us of your age, height, weight and photographs of your breast, straight on. Please include your telephone number with country if applicable or a return email address. Our replies and consults are strictly confidential.

Breasts that are large and hanging cause not only psychological concerns but also significant physical changes of the shoulders, spine, breathing capacity, exercise, tolerance and sensation. The reasons are therefore  compelling to have the breast reduction surgery and lifted to improve all of the above (this is why many insurance companies regard this procedure as functional and cover it).

The benefits are immediate and breast reduction with lift is frequently noted to be one of the most patient satisfying procedures in plastic surgery. Newer techniques are available to reduce scarring and to preserve breast feeding.

For active women, especially athletes, athletic performances can improve after surgery. All of our patients have lost weight after this surgery.

The type of breast reduction procedure depends upon how large the breasts are, the amount of asymmetry, the size of the areola, wether you want to breast feed.

Aesthetic considerations are important in what kind of lift you require. If you compare other breast reduction lifts, you will notice that they drop and point down after sometimes only a year. This is particularly true of inferior pedicule breast reductions lifts- we no longer do these lifts


Peri Areolar Breast Reduction

Peri areolar reduction lifts are usually for small to moderate breasts. The incision is around the areola, the excess is removed and the breast tissue is suspended with ultimately dissolvable sutures to give a more conical higher shape.

Scarless Breast Reduction

Scarless reduction does not lift the breast. The excess tissue is removed from beneath the breast with small lipo tubes. This works best when the nipple is at or above the breast fold.

Short Scar Vertical Breast Reduction

The short scar vertical lift is used for a moderate reduction lift with the incision around the areola and down to the fold. It is not good for a wide breast as it does not reduce the width well. Occasionally a small revision is performed to modify the fold and convert the scar from vertical to transverse.


Short Wise Pattern Breast Reduction

This is the most common in our practice as it allows for maximal shaping of the breast, especially providing a rounded conical shape with fullness of the superior half. Our experience is that the incisions heal well for the majority of our patients. Only a few require any revision and the breast remains elevated for a longer period of time (as long as 25 years).

Free Nipple Graft Breast Reduction

Free nipple grafts are rarely used and usually for extremely large and hanging breasts. We only perform them on women who are not planning to breast feed. Measures to shape the breast usually have good results.

Pre Operative Breast Reduction Evaluation

We have added 3D imaging to assist in planning your post operative breast size. While not a guarantee, it does give you an idea of the size options. Also, we will review the possibilities of types, recovery, techniques and risks of breast reduction surgery. We encourage you to ask questions.

Breast Reduction Costs

We have been able to obtain insurance coverage for our patients who meet the insurance criteria.

Our practice has  assembled a team of doctors to help evaluate you in order to substantiate your claim.

We also offer financing at attractive rates should that be necessary.



Breast Reduction Testimonials

"I had a breast reduction by Dr. Lesesne 18 years ago. I have breast fed 3 children since without any problems. I went from a 38DDDD to a 36C+."  JM Age 37

"I went from a 42DDDD to a 36C. The surgery changed my life. I lost 20 lbs after. My back pain and shoulder pain went away in 24 hours."  LF Age 53

"My breasts became huge when I was young. I couldn't play sports and was teased. Dr. Lesesne reduced and lifted my breasts. I now play sports, can wear clothes I couldn't before and have an upright posture."  MA Age 21

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