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Prominent nipples occur when the nipple is over 8 millimeter in projection form the plane of the areola and remain erect without stimulus. The prominent nipple may be visible despite clothing, the removal of stimulae, be painful and indicate the prescence of cysts or other growths.

The nipple is measured in the forward projection and the amount of removal is measured.


The prominent nipple is reduced by using small flaps and removing the excess outer skin. The nipple is not amputated nor removed.

After small flaps are designed, topical anesthesia is applied and  then local is used. This is rarely painful. The excess skin is removed and the flaps rotated. The procedure is performed in our certified clinic.


Immediate. Sutures are dissolvable.
Risks are few and none have been seen to date.



The tubular breast deformity effects approximately 15% of the female population in some form. A tubular breast deformity includes a narrow base, protuberant tissue, herniation of breast tissue into the areola, a large areola, and a long sometimes drooping breast.


Surgical correction involves addressing the physical findings and usually involves a breast augmentation. The surgery can be difficult due to asymmetry and abnormal ligaments.

The herniated breast tissue is corrected by removing some of the widened areola, pushing the breast tissue in and suturing.

The narrow base and long breast are corrected by scoring the cooper's ligaments and placing a pre pectoral implant to widen the base.This is usually done via the areolar approach.


Immediate. Drains are removed the next day. Showering is allowed the next day.The sutures are dissolvable.

Risks include all of those with breast augmentation including infection(rare), capsular contracture, skin breakdowns, asymmetry and reoperation.

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