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Cadogan Clinic with Operating Facilities

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Pre:This 57 year old financial services wanted a younger appearance without a pulled look. He had a short scar midface lift, necklift, muscle repositioning and skin redraping.
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6 Week Post Op The incisions were hidden within the ear and behind where the ear meets the head. Recovery was 5 days.
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Pre:This 70 year old actor wanted to keep a wider range of parts. Incisions were important for close up camera work.
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Post:A combined dual plane midfacelift, fat grafting, neck muscle repositioning and skin resection around the ear only and not in the hairline was performed
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Pre: This 40 year old computer executive from California wanted a younger, less heavy look to his neck. There was a congenital component as his father had a similiar appearance at 40.
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Post:Patient flew in for surgery on Friday, had a microliposuction with skin redraping and flew back on Sunday. The incisions were 2mm and are not visible.
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Pre:65-year-old professional wanted a neck correction ,but not obvious plastic surgery.A medial and lateral platysmaplasty, micro liposuction and short scar lift performed
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Post: Performed in our certified ambulatory unit. Recovery was 3 days. Photo is 6 years post op.
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This surgeon still has a busy practice in Washington DC and wanted to look as good as he felt. Natural results and no scarring was important. I did a short scar neck and lower facelift with fat grafts
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Post operative: The neck muscles were returned to the position of a 25 year old and skin redrapping.
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Pre: Same patient as above with frontal view and markings before surgery.
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Post: Same patient as above with a frontal view after surgery

Male Facelift And Male Necklift
After operating on men for over 25 years and over 1000 male facelift and necklift procedures, I have developed a different philosophy of cosmetic surgery in men. I strongely believe that good facelift and necklift results in men are best achieved with a natural result, incisions that are hidden in natural creases and an overall look that is younger, healthier and without exhibiting a plastic surgery look.  I do not believe that foreign materials such as wires, jaw silicone implants stand the test of time. Also lasers do not address the reality of lax muscles nor of excess skin. People who have had these all too frequently come in disappointed and have spent a lot of money ,and with some lasers,a longer recovery than a procedure.
.Over the years, my techniques for male facelift and necklift have evolved to include a more 5 dimensional evaluation( deep,multiplane,ie bone,muscle ,fat and skin as well as, oblique, frontal and lateral views).This maximizes results with smaller incisions, faster recovery (usually 2-5 days) and less risk. All of the procedures are perfomed in our free standing facility on Park Avenue.I do not believe that general anesthesia is neccessary and that it adds risk.
With Dr. Chris Arroyo from anesthesia, we can provide a comfortable, restful and pain free experience. Frequently, our patients report the best surgical experience ever. All of the procedures are highly customized, usually with our state of the art 3 dimensoinal system and Leica cameras.
We reviewed our male patients of the past 5 years who had a facelift or necklift and found that 75% are employed,and are doing procedures to improve self esteem and to improve professional development. We are sensitive to these demands and will help in anyway to facilitate the least work interruption as possible

Male Facelift or Necklift Surgery Recovery

Once the facelift or necklift is performed, your will leave our facility with a bandage around your head. The drainage tubes will be removed the following day and you can begin showering. You should wear the bandage after a necklift or facelift for 48 hours. Most of the stitches will be removed within a week.  Dr. Lesesne facelift and necklift procedure results have minimal bruising and swelling. You will be back to work within 5 - 7 days.

Male Facelift and Necklift Surgery Costs

Dr. Lesesne Fees range between $8,000 - $10,000. Dr. Lesesne will possibly suggest an eyelid lift surgery at the same time. Please call or email for a necklift or facelift consultation.



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