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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery can be a transformative experience. Women - and men - choose breast reduction surgery not only to repair loss of elasticity, and enhance self-esteem, but often also to enhance physical comfort and well-being.

There are several causes for large or saggy breast including: changes in weight, age, congenital growth, pregnancy, menopause and asymmetrical development. 

Breasts that are large and hanging cause not only psychological concerns but also significant physical changes to the shoulders, spine, breathing capacity, exercise, tolerance and sensation. Breast reduction surgery removes extra tissue and fat from the breast to not only restore youthful appearance but also reduce back and shoulder pain, reduce the breast size, correct posture, and improve overall lifestyle.

Breast Reduction and Insurance

Breast reduction surgery can correct the often debilitating affects of large breast. Many women experience significant improvement with back, neck and shoulder pain post surgery. Their athletic performance is improved leading to increased weight loss and a boost in overall fitness.   

We interface with many insurance companies to cover this procedure. Please call or email our office manager at 212-570-6318 or to find out if breast reduction surgery is covered by your insurance. 

Breast reductions are based on two concepts: breast shaping and skin shaping. Click here to learn more about Dr. Lesesne‚Äôs experience and research on breast reduction techniques. 

View our photo gallery to see before and after photos from actual patients. 

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