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Body Contouring and Surgery

As a top New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Cap Lesesne is renowned for his natural results, based on years of experience and a thorough grounding in anatomy and reconstructive surgery. 

He combines the latest in surgical body contouring techniques with a comprehensive range of non-surgical techniques as well, using his medical and cosmetic judgement to deliver successful, natural-looking results tailored to your own particular anatomy and goals.

Top body contouring surgery procedures performed in his state-of-the art New York Plastic Surgery facility at 620 Park Avenue include:

      • Arm Lifts and Contouring (Brachioplasty)

      • High-Definition Liposuction

      • Tummy Tucks (Abdominoplasty)

      • Post-Pregnancy Tummy Tucks

      • Leg Sculpting

      • Hand Rejuvenation

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