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Chin Augmentation and Implants (Mentoplasty)

A Chin lift is a surgical procedure made to balance the face by giving the chin a more lifted or sculpted look. It can be done with other surgeries as well to give your face a more symmetrical look. Also known as mentoplasty, chin surgery can either include an implant being positioned into the chin, or reducing the size of the chin with surgery on the bone. If you have a chin that is off balance with the rest of your face, being too large or too small, and you would like to give your face a more balanced look, then a chin lift (mentoplasty) may be the right procedure for you.

The Analysis

Looking at before and after pictures of others who have undergone the procedure is a good idea. It is extremely important to look carefully for patients with features and age similar to yours, as to gauge better potential results. You are welcome to bring example photos to your consultation with Dr. Lesesne.

During the analysis, Dr. Lesesne will examine the proportions of the face, the type of bite or occlusion, and the soft tissue overlying the chin. In facial symmetry, there is a general ratio of “thirds” involving the forehead, mid face, and lower face. The chin should be balanced in height and width. Laterally the chin should have a harmonious projection in relationship to the lips and the nose. The skin and muscle should not hang from the chin and asymmetry should be minimal.

The Procedure

Chin augmentation can be done with fat grafts or a smooth nonreactive silicone implant. Every implant is carefully customized to each individual patient, giving a natural result. The incision is usually through the mouth unless there is a contributing issue. Fat grafts work well for smaller augmentation and especially for asymmetry. Both fat graft and implant procedures take 1 hour to complete. Chin augmentation and implants can be done without IV sedation. Many people are comfortable under regional anesthesia (Novocain) and oral medication. This allows for a rapid recovery and is less expensive.

The Recovery

The recovery time is 1-3 days. Minor bruising and swelling will subside in 3-5 days. If needed, patients can take a mild steroid to reduce swelling. Sutures are dissolvable and will not be removed. Dr. Lesesne will see you 1 week after your procedure for your follow up visit.  

Cheek Augmentation and Implant (Malarplasty)

Strong, prominent cheekbones are an essential component of a handsome or beautiful face. If there is a facial characteristic that is thought to be universally beautiful, it is high, well-defined cheekbones. When cheekbones are sallow or when the mid-face appears flat, the face can appear tired and reveal signs of aging sooner. Volume and definition can be added to the cheeks with dermal fillers or cheek implants. 

The Procedure

Cheek augmentation is done by placing a solid implant through a small incision made inside the mouth. This technique does not create any external scars on the face. Depending on your facial structure, Dr. Lesesne will place the implant directly on top or slightly below of the cheek bone. Dr. Lesesne utilizes his skill and training as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon to customize facial implants for each individual patient. Thus creating a natural, symmetrical result and more defined facial structure. Cheek implants are done in our Park Avenue surgical suite using local anesthesia (Novocain). It is common for facial implants to be placed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures such as face lifts and eyelid surgery.  

Recovering from Cheek Surgery

The severity and duration of cheek implant surgery varies from patient to patient, especially if another cosmetic procedure was performed at the same time. A mild steroid can be prescribed to reduce swelling. Typically, patients can resume normal activities 1-3 days after surgery. As with all our procedures, Dr. Lesesne will provide you with detailed instructions about post-operative care. Sutures will dissolve 10-14 days after surgery.

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