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Otoplasty: Ear Lobe Repair Surgery

Ear surgery, or otoplasty, is usually done to set the ears closer to the head, to reduce the size of large ears, and to restore normal anatomy.

Good candidates for this procedure range from five years old, all the way through adulthood. The psychological advantages may be significant, especially for young children.

We have developed a technique for reducing prominent ears called "Multivectored Posterior Only Correction." This technique incorporates the work of previous plastic surgeons and with, our developments, creates a more natural-appearing ear with minimal risk. We have presented this technique at national meetings and have submitted our work for publication.


Dr. Lesesne will take the patient’s medical history, perform an examination, and then outline the correction. Our technique approaches the ear from the back crease, leaving a hidden scar. Sculpting and posterior setting are done from behind. The result is a natural ear. No pre-operative tests are required for this procedure.


Ear surgery is performed in our Park Avenue surgical suite. Dr. Lesesne administers local anesthesia with preoperative medication. It is a very safe and comfortable method, even for children. The technique usually involves suturing the ear back, sculpting the cartilage with sutures, and then closing the incision with dissolvable sutures. The incision is placed where the ear meets the head and is therefore barely visible. Surgery takes approximately 1.5 hours, for both ears.


Recovery is fast with very little pain. A drain is removed the next day at home. Allow one to two days to wear a headband, keeping the incisions clean and free from bacteria, and normal activity can be resumed in two days. Bruising and swelling will subside in 3-5 days. If non-dissolvable sutures are used, they will be removed in ten to twelve days. Care should be taken not to pull on the ear for two months.

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