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IPL and Fraxel Laser

If you are looking for an extremely safe, non-invasive technique that will improve your skin tone and texture, reduce fine lines, remove scars and discoloration, then you may want to consider IPL or Fraxel laser treatments.

Otherwise known as laser skin resurfacing, IPL (intense pulsed light) and Fraxel (CO2) Lasers are ideal treatment to improve the appearance of your entire face, or to target specific problem areas, like the hands and legs.

Laser Services

  • Laser Services

Which Treatment is Right For Me?

IPL Benefits

Fraxel Benefits

Excellent for reducing brown sun-damage spots

Excellent for removing or diminishing blood vessels and red skin

Some improvement of fine lines and pores

No improvement of acne scars

No downtime

Best when done as a series of four to five treatments

Gives long-lasting results, often with one or two treatments every year

No anesthetic required

No help with precancerous lesions

Can be safely performed only on non-tanned skin

Light energy

Target is pigment brown, blue and red

May not be suitable for darker skin types

Can be used on face and body

Good for reducing brown sun spots

Minimal improvement on blood vessels

 Good improvement of fine lines and pores

Good improvement of acne scars

Usually two to three days of swelling and one week of redness

Best when done as a series of three to six treatments depending on the indication

Gives long-lasting results, often with treatment in two to three years

Topical anesthetic required

FDA approved treatment for precancerous spots

Recently tanned skin is avoided

Laser energy

Target is water in the skin

Suitable for all skin types

Can be used on face and body

What to Expect During Laser Treatments

During the procedure Dr. Lesesne will pass a laser beam over the target problem areas. As the laser passes over your skin, it gently vaporizes superficial skin layers and boosts collagen production as new cells grow to replace the old, damaged layers. The procedure is takes about 30 minutes with little discomfort. Depending on your pain tolerance, a topical anesthetic can be applied to minimize any discomfort.

After a laser treatment, most patients are able to return to normal activities, although you may experience some temporary discomfort and redness. You can wash your face, using a mild cleanser, the day after your procedure. For best results, keep the treated areas moist after a laser treatment. This will aid in healing and boost your results. Upon your consultation, our skin care specialist can help determine the best products for your post laser recovery. 

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