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Our Philosophy

Welcome to our Surgical Practice. My staff and I appreciate your interest. We will make every effort to provide you with a superlative experience and satisfying result. We offer a different approach to Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery. We offer a variety of surgical and non- surgical solutions to meet both your cosmetic and financial needs.  

Plastic Surgery is the combination of analysis, surgical judgement, cosmetic sensibility, technical skill, and being a patient satisfaction. In today’s world it also includes judging suitable technology, drug safety, implant safety, and above all, being able to apply the right solution for you. Every procedure undergoes a 4 step process: Patient history and concerns, analysis, technical solution, and recovery. We also believe that the simplest, most direct, solutions have the fastest recovery with the least risk.  


Education and Safety


Dr. Lesesne and his staff, are constantly aware of new techniques and advances.  Dr. Lesesne is board certified by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. This is combined with over 30 Plastic Surgery experience and training from Princeton University, Duke Medical School, Stanford University School of Medicine, and Cornell University School of Medicine. We are keenly aware of new advances in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Nonetheless, I will not implement new technology or techniques unless there is sufficient research and approval. 


We have a superlative safety record for office based and hospital surgery. Our operating room was one of the first in New York State to be accredited by the Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation. Dr. Lesesne was among the first group in New York City trained in lasers. We were also the first plastic surgery facility to only use Board Certified Anesthesiologists 23 years ago. We have never had an operating room mortality or morbidity. We were the first to use exclusively IV sedation for all our procedures, believing that we could deliver a pain free, rapid recovery, comfortable experience without general anesthesia.


Research and Patient Satisfaction


We have always been involved in research and presenting at national and international meetings. We were involved in the FDA study on silicone implants, the immunology of silicone, and early work on skin resurfacing lasers. We are currently focusing on removing skin cancers with less scarring, manipulating breast implant pockets for improved lift and short scar fascial facelifts in men and women. Note: We do not perform research unless you are asked or are part of an NCI or university study.

Patient Satisfaction

Dr. Lesesne strives to exceed his patients’ expectations.  Dr. Lesesne’s practice. Dr. Lesesne has been named as one of Castle Connolly’s Top Doctors for 15 years and voted “Best Doctor” by NY Magazine.  

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