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What Our Patients Say...

It can be hard to call a doctor you’ve never met to discuss personal issues about your body, some of which you may find embarrassing. Rest assured, Dr. Lesesne will put you at ease and help you come to the decision that is best for you. Dr. Lesesne and his professional team take pride in providing a comfortable, discreet, and successful experience for all our patients. Whether you are having major surgery or minor skin treatments, giving you superior results and unparalleled care is our number one goal.  

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our patients have to say…

“With Dr. Cap you have found an ally against Father Time. The most natural, flawless results will be achieved and you will be in the hands of a dedicated, caring, gifted surgeon whom you can trust explicitly- before, during and after each & every procedure. Without a doubt Dr. L is the very best.” –L.S.

“Dr. Lesesne is an excellent caring surgeon. He is the reason why my friends can’t figure out why I look so young! I can’t recommend Dr. Lesesne enough-he’s the best!!!”- L.J.

“Dr. Lesesne is amazing - he is excellent remarkably good! He is a professional in what he does. Thanks!!!”- S.B.

“Professional on all levels!! Simply the Best!!!” –J.F.

“I have three very successful procedures and have referred clients who were so happy. Dr. Lesesne has such a passion for what he does and for human beings.” –G.L.

“Doctor was recommended to me by my gynecologist. Though I am not one of Dr. Lesesne’s many famous and affluent patients, the care that he and his staff provided made me feel as though I were. Other than his concentration on aesthetics, his primary concern was my safety and well-being prior to, during and post surgery. Thank you Dr. Lesesne, I’ve already recommended you to my family, friends and colleagues as I cannot imagine a more uniquely talented and caring plastic surgeon than yourself.” –B.H.

“Dr. Cap Lesesne is a very calm and precise thinker - in conversation you quickly recognize that his thorough grasp of anatomy and extensive experience is focused entirely on you, his patient. This ability to give his undivided attention is amazing. Post surgery, I could not have dreamed of better care. This talented doctor is unconventionally caring, kind, and gentle - he is World Class and yet you are treated like his family. Traveling from Texas was simple and yes, I do feel like a movie star. I am deeply appreciative that the surgeon I choose worked around my need to travel and that the "subtle" improvements have changed how I feel about myself and almost being a "middle age" woman.( PS my sister had an accident where Cap fixed her broken nose and referred me to Cap. She also later turned for a mid lift that was and still is imperceptible. ) There is a reason that people travel from all over to see Cap. "Simply the best" doesn’t even describe him or the results he achieves.” – C.W.

“I heard Dr. Lesesne was the best, and I couldn’t agree more! I am extremely happy with my choice to use Dr. Lesesne for my procedure. I am happier with my results than I thought I would be. He is not only an amazing surgeon, he is also very personable. The whole precess was flawless due to his great staff and expertise. I would highly recommend anyone considering having any plastic surgery to use Dr. Lesesne.”- J.C.

“I appreciated his service. He did a wonderful job. I got a tummy tuck with him, and I’m so happy with the job he did. He’s very professional, I would recommend him to anyone!” –J.E.

“I am ten days post-op from lifts to my mid face, temple area and, most important, my neck. So far, I am thrilled with my results. Right after surgery, I checked my profile and my ugly turkey neck was gone....Instant gratification! ! Dr. Lesesne is a terrific listener, a very caring doctor and wonderful communicator. He is available by email or phone all the time which is very important during recovery. I know a number of people who had reconstruction or elective surgery with him and the results are always very natural and not overdone looking. I have already recommended Dr. Lesesne to my friends. He is the best!” –V.S.

“Dr.Lesesne is a wonderful surgeon and friend.  I have had a face lift, a tummy tuck and breast reduction, the results are amazing!!  Dr Lesesne has an "eye" for making you look younger, natural and more attractive.  The recovery time, the bruising, and the pain was minimal.  Both he and his office make themselves available throughout the process, both prior and post surgery.  Dr. Lesesne is the BEST!!!  I look 10 to 15 years younger.  His skin care products are terrific.   I plan on continuing to see him for maintenance and touch ups.”- S.C.

“Dr. Lesesne is truly a professional.  We discussed my health issue, he explained the procedure, performed the procedure as he described, and the results were as specified and desired.  He also gave me clear instructions for after procedure, warning me what could happen if I did not follow his instructions.  I followed his instructions and the result was flawless.  I could not ask for anything more and am totally happy with him.  I have since recommended him to several friends.” –S.C.

“I am a Registered Nurse and have worked in the cosmetic beauty business for twenty five years. After knowing Dr. Lesesne for twenty years and seeing hundreds of pre and post operative patients from his practice,I can attest to the fact that his results are always natural, well conceived and aesthetically excellent. When friends and clients ask for a recommendation, I always refer Dr. Lesesne for the excellent work he performs.” –B.B.

“Exceptional in every way!  Following extensive research I elected to have Dr. Lesesne do a face lift and breast augmentation.  The results are spectacular...extremely natural and flawless.  Due to my previous procedures two of my friends have had extensive procedures of which they are thrilled.... and the recommendations continue! Dr. Lesesne is there for his patients in every aspect of their ongoing treatment and care.  You are in the very best of hands.  Look no further...I trust him implicitly”- R.C.”

“I recently had a rhinoplasty procedure with Dr. Lesesne and had my 6 month checkup today. The experience was way better than I ever anticipated! After searching for a few years for the perfect surgeon, I decided on Dr. L. He came recommended to me through two other friends who had nose/breast procedures. Other surgeons tried to sell me on other procedures "while I was under" - a chin implant, no thanks. Dr. L only wanted to enhance what I had going for me and to give me the nose I should have been born with. He also offers a digital rendering of what you can expect to look like after, and to also have you comment on what you want to change, not change, etc. My surgery was 5 days before Christmas; everything went beautifully. There was not a lot of pain, just pressure in my head. Of course, there was bruising but that is to be expected! I want to make a note that Dr. L not only spoke to me via e-mail the very next day, but also Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the entire holiday.”-K.N.

“I have been to Dr. Lesesne for a few procedures in the last decade and would never, ever use or trust anybody else!! He is the BEST doctor in New York City and beyond, hands down. I am extremely pleased with everything he’s ever done- from botox to facial surgery. I am very careful about who I let operate on me - it is my face, the only one I have! I trust him implicitly and would let him perform anything I need. I just had a procedure that went very well and am excited to schedule another one (liposuction on my legs) when I can afford it. This is a wonderful, highly-skilled cosmetic surgeon who deserves nothing but praise, appreciation and accolades. I feel so lucky I found him long ago and tell everyone about him. He really is super-excellent!”-L.H.

“I love Dr. Lesesne. He was wonderful. Took the time to explain the procedure, allayed any fears or concerns I had and was very kind and professional. I live in Los Angeles but decided to come back east so he could perform the surgery. Also after the surgery he called and checked in several times which I appreciated. I can’t say enough wonderful things about him.”-A.B.

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