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Quick Lift Procedure

Dr. Lesesne created the “quick lift” mini-facelift procedure as an alternative for patients who wanted to fix the early signs of aging but did not have the time, money or need for a full face lift.  Dr. Lesesne’s quick lift is the ideal procedure for patients with jowls and a saggy skin around the mid face. This procedure is designed to elevate the cheeks, refine the jawline and remove excess skin and fat under the chin. Dr. Lesesne’s quick lift procedure is less invasive than a traditional face and neck lift and can be performed under local anesthesia.

Mini Procedures

A little lift doesn’t always require going under the knife. Dr. Lesesne, offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical solutions to patients who want a more youthful and defined appearance but don’t have the time or finances for total body surgery. We understand that men and women want to look younger and fix their imperfections, while juggling the demands of professional and personal life. Mini procedures produce real results and can be done quickly with little to no discomfort. These minimally invasive cosmetic procedures offer an economical solution for those are concerned with the cost of plastic surgery.



• “Quick Lift” Mini Face Lift

• Liposuction

• Botox/Restylane/Sculptra

• Laser Resurfacing

• Facial Implants/ Fat Transfer

• Chemical Peels/Dermabrasion

• Biospies/Skin Cancer Removal


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