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What is Eyelid Ptosis?

Ptosis (pronounced TOE-sis) is the medical term for drooping of the upper eyelid and may affect one or both eyes. Patients who suffer from eyelid ptosis have droopy eyelid skin that hangs below the pupil. Ptosis is caused when the tendon of the muscle responsible for lifting the eyelid stretches and the eyelid falls. Ptosis causes the upper part of the patient’s vision to be blocked causing them an obstructed field of view.

Ptosis is corrected by raising the position of the upper eyelid by tightening the muscle and tendon that normally elevate it. Eyelid Ptosis surgery should not be confused with upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), which is a cosmetic procedure to enhance the eyes by removing excess skin and tissue. In some cases, ptosis repair is covered by insurance.

Although ptosis typically occurs during the aging process, it can also be caused by trauma or stroke. Ptosis that is present at birth, known as congenital ptosis, should be corrected as soon as possible in order for proper vision to develop. 

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