Combination Liposuction Modalities Yield Superior Body Sculpting Capabilities And Increased Patient Satisfaction.

March 25, 2019 New York, NY

Dr. Cap Lesesne of International Cosmetic Surgery in New York City announces a new body contouring treatment combining ultrasonic skin tightening technology with power assisted liposuction resulting in the ultimate body sculpting for both men and women.

A review of 100 combination liposuction treatments using this new technology has shown to be superior to any other form of liposuction. This procedure also allows removal of large volume of fat, total sculpting capability and extremely rapid recovery, usually a weekend for most patients.

The American Society of Plastic Surgery estimates over 600,000 people underwent some type of fat removal procedure 2018 and expect the numbers to rise in 2019. Several modalities of liposuction consisting of Vaser (ultrasonic) liposuction, power liposuction or laser liposuction are available prior to this treatment, however, they have not been used in this combination.

This new modality was developed in response to an increase in patients having liposuction alternatives, such as fat freezing modalities, who had a rebound in fat or adverse effect after the external treatments. The newer combination procedure treated this problem and opened the door for wider applications.