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Patient Testimonials

Was referred to Dr. Lesesne by my Mohs surgeon for skin cancer reconstruction on my nose–cancer quite prominent. Was apprehensive both from the medical and aesthetic perspectives. The work he performed was absolutely perfect. He is a real healer. Also, Dr. Lesesne was wonderful, caring, and his team was efficient, pleasant, and supportive. AND he accepted my Medicare for this medical procedure! ‘Had been treated for another skin cancer several years before by another surgeon, who was excellent. However, he did not take insurance for this medical procedure. Now retired, it was necessary and important that my surgery be covered by Medicare. Also, I had a facelift by yet another plastic surgeon many years before, also excellent. While, like most plastic surgeons, Dr. Lesesne has a Before and After book in his office documenting past aesthetic procedures, Dr. Lesesne also has a book for Skin Cancer Revisions. He is a Star for both types of surgery. Should I want–and be able to afford–straight “aesthetic” surgery in the future, I would choose Dr. Lesesne for this as well.

– L.H.


I came here for their micro liposuction procedure on my flanks. Dr. Cap did amazing! It’s only been a week but I love the results. Everyone on his staff is professional, respond quickly and are very informed. Dr. Cap put me at ease and walked me through the entire procedure. Would highly recommend!

– Jennifer H.


I recently had my procedure done by Dr. Lesesne. It’s been absolutely amazing experience with him and everyone in the office. Unlike other plastic surgeons in the city, he was willing to listen my list of concerns/questions and spend time explaining what would be the be the best result. The surgery and recovery were so flawless resulting in the best possibly way. Thank you Dr. Lesesne and Diane.

– Tamago R.


I was referred to Dr. Lesesne by my dermatologist to remove the puffy bags under my eyes. Dr. Lesesne is an amazing surgeon and his entire staff is extremely kind and knowledgeable. I was worried about being under anesthesia as I had a bad experience in the past, as well as the pain after, and they assured me I would be just fine. The surgery was fairly quick and I had no nausea (even after anesthesia) or pain throughout my entire recovery. I got surgery done on a Saturday morning and walked a few blocks that same day. By the next morning, I was out walking my dog in the park, went to the movies and out to lunch. I was shocked at how easy of a recovery this surgery was. I never needed to take the prescribed pain med. By day 3 with a little concealer on, no one could tell I had any bruising. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lesesne! My only regret is that I didn’t get it done sooner.

– Sarah W.


Dr. Lesesne performed my reconstructive nasal surgery on June 24, 2020. I have nothing but glowing reviews on the entire process – from Diane and his staff – to Dr. Lesesne’s amazing skills as a surgeon. I completely recovered with amazing results – and was pain free the same day of surgery. My experience was so positive and life changing – you’ll shortly see a letter from the Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs and US Navy ( i am a disabled Veteran ) thanking him for the excellent care he provided to their service member. In short – I’d recommend Dr. Lesesne to family and friends without hesitation. One of the best !!!!!

– EZ


I had Mohs surgery twice and went to Dr. Cap Lesesne afterward for reconstructive surgery on my nose. I was very nervous about what my face was going to look like after but he did such a good job that you can’t even tell I had surgery in the first place. It really looks amazing! His bedside manner was wonderful and I would highly recommend using him.

– Cheryl S.


Came to Dr. Cap for a micro liposuction procedure and it hasn’t been a full week yet but I love the results! From the very beginning, he and his staff were incredibly helpful and walked me through every step. Would highly recommend!

– Jennifer M.


I had a Neck and mid face lift 3 weeks ago by Dr. Lesesne .3 weeks in the healing process you cannot even tell I had any type of surgery . I lost a lot of weight in the last 2 years and my face dropped and had hanging skin under my neck. I am 47 and I looked 10 yers older . I met the doctor almost a year ago through a friend and when he told me what I needed I ran from it . I was very apprehensive because of a traumatic experience in my 20’s . I made a couple of appointments for surgery and cancelled within the year . Many phone calls to him and Diane and Jennifer . They took all my calls and didn’t pressure me to make the appointment . They let me come to them when I was ready . All I can say is wow 3 weeks now and I look 10 years younger . The doctor said the best result is 3 to 6 months later . I’m happy with the results now. I’m overwhelmed and have so much gratitude for him and his team . Feeling so blessed . ❤️In

– Kelly B.