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Instructions for Eyelid Surgery

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Before Surgery:

  • Shower the night before surgery and the morning of surgery with chlorhexidine (Also known as Hibiclens which is available at most pharmacies)
  • Make sure that you remove ALL eye makeup.
  • DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ON YOUR FACE the day of surgery. This includes moisturizer or makeup.
  • If you have an eye problem, such as dry eyes, please contact us. Provide the name and telephone number of your ophthalmologist.
  • Purchase Systane eye drops at your local pharmacy only if you are having lower eye surgery
  • Discontinue the use of over the counter medication and supplements at least 10 days before your surgery. This includes multi vitamins and ibuprofen.
  • Bring sunglasses to surgery.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that buttons down the front.
  • Do not wear contact lenses the day of surgery. Glasses are fine.
  • I have operated on thousands of eyelids. There are possibilities to eyelid fullness, excess skin, eyelid angle, and eyelid elevation. We will review this with you again prior to surgery.
  • Read the general instructions as well.

After Surgery:

  • Begin taking your antibiotics the morning of the procedure – Augmentin 500mg, 1 every 8 hours for 1 week. Note: I will prescribe Zithromax if you are allergic to penicillin. Take until all pills are gone.
  • Begin after surgery only – ketolorac 10mg, 1 tablet every 8 hours for 3 days. Please take with food. This is for pain. All patients are to receive this.
  • Begin after surgery as needed – Tylenol #3 for pain, 1-2 tablets every 4 hours (only if needed)
  • Begin after surgery only – Dexamethasone to reduce swelling swelling. Please take with food in your stomach.
  • Sleep on your back with your head elevated on one pillow.
  • Apply ice compresses to your eyes for 48 hours. Place ice in a bowl with water and use a washcloth. This will help to minimize swelling and bruising. Another option is to keep your room cool.
  • Oozing from the incisions is common for the 1st night.
  • Start showering the next day with cool water and hibiclens.
  • Apply Systane eyedrops for dry eyes every six hours for seven days after surgery. Do this only if the lower eyelids have had surgery.
  • Avoid prolonged sunlight for six weeks. Use a sunscreen and avoid extreme heat as this can prolong swelling.No sunbathing for 6 weeks.
  • Please massage the upper eyelid area near the nose and the lateral eyelid area starting on day five after surgery. Massage the area for five minutes each day. Massage by pushing in only. This reduces swelling.
  • The incision lines will fade gradually from red to pink and finally white. These resolve with time. Fine bumps may also be present but they will settle on their own. Also common, is mild swelling above the upper eyelid incision line-this too fades over a month or so.
  • Exercise: Gentle walking can start the day after surgery. Mild exercise after 2 weeks and vigorous exercise and sexual activity after 3 weeks.
  • Massaging the incision with vitamin E or aloe vera oil for 10 minutes each day after 14 days for 6 weeks will help the incisions.
  • Numbness is normal and resolves with time.
  • Should you have a true emergency when the office is closed, Dr. Lesesne can be contacted several ways:
    office 212-570-6318, cell number 646-288-4660 or home number 203-302-3433
    email: [email protected] (emails are checked every three hours)

We have found that many “emergency” questions are for issues already answered in the instructions so please review them. Thank you