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Chin and Cheek Augmentation

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Chin Augmentation

Chin lift is a surgical procedure made to balance the face by giving the chin a more lifted or sculpted look. It can be done with other surgeries as well to give your face a more symmetrical look. Also known as mentoplasty, chin surgery can either include an implant being positioned into the chin, or reducing the size of the chin with surgery on the bone.

If you have a chin that is off balance with the rest of your face, being too large or too small, and you would like to give your face a more balanced look, then a chin lift (mentoplasty) may be the right procedure for you.

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Cheek Enhancement

Strong, prominent cheekbones are an essential component of a handsome or beautiful face. If there is a facial characteristic that is thought to be universally beautiful, then it must be high, well-defined cheekbones. When cheekbones are sallow or when the mid-face appears flat, the face can appear tired and reveal signs of aging sooner. Cheek augmentation surgery can offer a rejuvenated facial shape.

Patient Testimonial

I would never entrust any doctor other than Dr. Lesesne for a surgical procedure like the one I had – he is simply exceptional.

– Nora C.


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