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Rapid Recovery

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Long lasting results with minimal downtime

Weekend recovery: Cosmetic procedures under local anesthesia

Driven by his patients’ demand for less invasive procedures, Dr. Lesesne developed a unique rapid recovery regimen to help you achieve long-lasting results with minimal downtime. Unlike other non-invasive procedures, these procedures produce eye-catching results in only one treatment and can be performed under local anesthesia.

Which Procedures Offer Rapid Recovery?

Our rapid recovery procedures include: Mini Facelift, Upper Eyelids, Fat Transfer to Lips or Hands, Chin Augmentation, Breast Augmentation, Micro Liposuction, Laser Skin Resurfacing

60 year old female before upper eyelid surgery.

60 year old female 5 days post upper eyelid surgery using local anesthesia.

The Benefits of Rapid Recovery

By focusing on local anesthesia, rapid recovery procedures avoid the risks of putting the patient under general anesthesia. Patients may get oversedated as a result of standard sedation. As a result, they may not be able to breathe deeply enough to adequately oxygenate the brain and other important organs.

Patients report less pain following the rapid recovery process, because local anesthetic works directly on the afflicted nerve endings. Patients can usually regulate any post-operative discomfort with light medication rather than the stronger painkillers that one might expect.

Furthermore, rapid recovery procedures are usually done with smaller incisions and specialized devices to avoid damaging healthy tissue. The operations result in less blood loss and more easily concealable surgical marks for patients.

The Process

Rapid recovery procedures usually begin with the administration of a moderate sedative intravenously, which immediately puts the patient in a calm and relaxed state.

Dr. Lesesne and his medical team numb the surgical site with a local anesthetic to ensure a pain-free procedure while the sedative works its wonders. Once the sedative and anesthetic have taken effect, the patient will be ready for surgery. The patient is still sensitive to the doctor and other stimuli despite being numbed and relaxed.

Patients will be advised to get out of bed as soon as possible after the rapid recovery procedure and begin physical therapy activities as directed by Dr. Lesesne. This will allow patients to restore function more quickly while also reducing the risk of blood clots and other issues that could arise from staying in bed for a long time.

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Contact us today to make an appointment with Dr. Cap Lesesne to learn more about rapid recovery in New York. Dr. Lesesne will identify the best way to achieve your aesthetic goals during your initial consultation.


Patient Testimonial

Dr. Lesesne combines top notch surgical skills with an artists eye, a tough combination to find and an impossible one to beat. I recommend him to anyone. Don’t let the address fool you, neither he nor his staff is snooty. They are responsive and helpful. In short, I can’t recommend him highly enough.

– Adele LaTourette


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